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Baku Declaration

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Baku Declaration


Adopted by the Third Think Tanks Forum of OIC Countries at its meeting in Baku on 3 March 2012




Emphasizing the importance of the Forum that took place here in Baku in a constructive and sincere environment between 2-3 March 2012 organized by the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SAM) and Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies’ Institute of Islamic Countries (TASAM), with the contribution of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, focused on the main theme of “Change and Transformation in OIC Countries,”

Recognizing the contributions previous Forums have made to the development of OIC Countries with their diverse and rich cultures and traditions,

Reaffirming territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of all the OIC Countries, as well as the contributions OIC made to the maintenance of international law principles,

Recalling the positive experience of “Baku Declarations” adopted by other international organizations in recent years as well as the provisions of such declarations covering intercultural dialogue as a basis for peace and sustainable development in Europe and its neighboring regions; humanitarian issues; global dialogue and peaceful co-existence among nations and the threats posed by international terrorism; human rights, environment and other important issues,

Acknowledging that in recent years, many countries around the world entered a period of change and transformation and because of changing global and local political conditions such as increased opportunities for communication, progress made in information technology; acceleration in the flow of goods, capital, services and people, a similar change and transformation has become inevitable in the OIC Countries as well,

Recalling all its prior relevant declarations,

Reaffirming that collaboration and cooperation between researchers and think-tank institutions in the OIC Countries becomes the crucial variable in the system of the development of interstate relations,

Reaffirming the need to carry out measures against all manifestations of  Islamophobia, racism, hate speech, gender inequality, child abuse and skepticism towards multiculturalism in the world through all means available, including public diplomacy, reinforcement of the present bridges between civilizations and active research of the changes and transformations in the countries of Islamic world,

Reaffirming its confidence in universality, objectivity and non-selectivity of human rights and the need to develop democracy in all of the OIC Countries,

Convinced that economic and social progress will continue in the OIC Countries and will facilitate the growth of academia and produce more scholars and analysts,

Emphasizing once again the importance of the educational exchange programs between Islamic countries and mutual recognition of the diplomas,

Welcoming such Forums to be held in the future on a regularly basis declares:

Strengthening relations and cooperation between the Think Tanks of the OIC Countries through the process of reinforcing the which is established by the previous forums and broadcasting in four languages, which should facilitate future common endeavors,

Carrying out joint projects and research between these Think Tanks to further strengthen the cooperation and promote collective studies,

Establishing and allocating new dimensions of the research and analysis such as creation of common databases and information centers for the Think Tanks to access freely and utilizing the social networking capabilities,

Strengthening interaction between the scholars and analysts of the OIC Countries for further development of Islamic academic community,

Establishing the International Research Center on the basis of the Islamic Development Bank with its head office in Baku for the purposes of allocating the common development strategy of OIC Countries, publishing the joint academic journal as well as conducting joint research and analysis to assist endeavors of future Forums,

Continuing cooperation and consultations within the framework of present structure of Forum and general platform,

Welcomes the offer of the Office of Prime Minister of Iraq to hold the Fifth Think Tanks Forum of OIC Countries in Baghdad, Iraq on 21-22 February 2014 and the offer by IPRI to hold the Sixth Think Tanks Forum of OIC Countries in Islamabad, Pakistan on 5-6 March 2015.


3 March 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan




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