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Institute of Islamic Countries is “one of a kind” institute established by a nongovernmental organization in Turkey, as a research and investigation unit comprised of academicians who are experts in the field of Islamic countries, many researchers and strategy experts.

The Caucasus-Central Asia-Middle East Study Group, constituted by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) in November of 2004, started to continue its activities about islamic countries under the name of Institute of Islamic Countries ever after 01 April 2007.

Studies and activities about islamic countries were planned to be centred upon with the establishment of the TASAM Institute of Islamic Countries. In this respect, activities such as the Congress of Education in Islamic Countries which was first held in the October of 2007 are aimed to be carried on to focus on investigations and researches of many problems of islamic countries, being the problem of education in the first place. After this institute’s entering into service, academic activities about islamic countries are expected to develop the cooperation opportunities with national and international institutions and individuals working in similar fields.

A director, a vice director and researchers are present in the staff of TASAM Institute of Islamic Countries. Director of the Institute is also the project manager. Researchers are elected from people who completed their doctorate degrees, experts are elected from people continuing their doctorate degrees, and the assistants for experts are chosen from people who have completed their undergraduate education. Furthermore, many experts and scientists from several countries will take a part in the regional and national activities of the institute.





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