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The aim of the TASAM Institute of Islamic Countries is to follow the developments of the islamic world and provide dynamic, effective solutions and decision options for the decision makers, the business world interested in these countries and academic environments by making academic investigations, researches, analysis and evaluations about the historical, cultural, political, economic, sociological and geopolitical structure of these countries and Turkey’s bilateral, regional and multi-dimensional international relations with them.


TASAM Institute of Islamic Countries aims at, looking for cooperation opportunities by doing academic, social and political investigations and researches that are necessary for increasing the efficiency of Turkey in the islamic geography.

Presenting the eligible situation of Turkey among islamic countries with its historical, cultural and social aspects.

Supporting the researchers interested in these subjects about islamic countries.

Making researches about islamic countries more familiar in Turkey; arranging seminars, conferences, exhibitions, meetings and travels which all serve for the benefit of islamic countries.

Arranging common activities and studies about islamic countries with think tank organizations and institutes of other countries and with all the other national and international institutions; inviting all these institutions to any kind of these academic activities and participating to the similar activities of them.

Following the conclusions of scientific and academic activities, the reports of similar institutions, the books and periodical publications of the universities and research centers of islamic countries.

Following the developments about Turkey in islamic countries.

Analysing the policies of effective power centers of the world towards islamic countries.

Following the activities of the Organization of the Islamic Conference which has 57 islamic countries as a member and contribute to these activities as much as possible.

Contributing to the development of the relations between Turkey and other islamic countries for mutual benefit.

Doing researches for supporting the permanent peace environment in islamic countries; providing necessary information, vision and documentation for those interested in the developments of these countries.

Supporting the cultural interaction between Turkey and islamic countries.

Constituting a centre for information and documentation about islamic countries; providing sources about the latest developments in these countries by following the publications.

Broadcasting the commentaries about the developments observed in islamic countries; publishing the reports of experts and pieces of researches and investigations.




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