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There will be held 12 sessions in the Congress that is to take place for three days. Everyday there will be four sessions; two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Four declarations will be presented for each of the sessions and each presenter to declare the declaration will be given 20 minutes. After each of the sessions, the questions-and-answers part, not to last for more than 30 minutes, will be held in which the listeners can also participate. The opening statements will be started with the declaration of “General Situation of Vocational Education in Islamic Countries”. In the two sessions of the afternoon, vocational and technical education in Islamic countries and their employment policies will be evaluated with a comparative discussion of western countries.


In the four sessions of the second day of the Congress, the subjects of vocational educational institutions of Islamic countries and cooperation opportunities between business environments, apprenticeship and job security will be handled in the morning sessions, while the subjects of certification equality in vocational education in Islamic countries and reforms for vocational education will be discussed in the sessions of the afternoon. At the end of the day, a general assessment will be made for the whole of the Congress. On the last day, a tour will be held around the historical and touristic spots of Istanbul. Simultaneous translation for Turkish, English, Arabic and French will be supplied in the Congress.