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  • Providing necessary cooperation areas between present vocational education institutions for Islamic countries to have a better understanding of each other
  • Sharing of Turkey’s acquisitions in the field of vocational education with other Islamic countries
  • Providing communication opportunities between successful vocational education institutions of the west and east with the aim of acquiring right and useful information
  • Clearing the disconnection between vocational education institutions in Islamic countries
  • Creating a platform for the Islamic world to catch on current changes taking place in the world, and bringing together experts between certain periods
  • Determining Professional standards between Islam countries, establishing an exam and certification system suiting these standards and founding Professional Standards Institution
  • Turning the demand for vocational and technical education in Islamic countries into a flexible structure that can reconcile with the changes occurring in the employment structure
  • Making efforts to establish research and development centers working on vocational education system in Islamic countries
  • Determining a common education system and philosophy for education between Islamic countries
  • Developing a base for shared approaches in other fields as well as the education network between Islamic countries